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We are a software development company which specializes in the development of custom software and customization of existing ones. Our team of dedicated staff has a deep industry experience and will work with you and your team to help you adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. Our philosophy is cultivating strong relationships founded on quality service, hard work and integrity and you can count on our highly skilled and talented software developers and engineers, as well as our world-class customer service & support.

Industries Served

  • Internet Marketing/Social Media:
    Putting your products and services in front potential costumers. Growth Hacking Tracking user growth and trends. Managing affiliate programs.
  • Communications:
    Optimize customer relationship management (CRM) using real-time account history data. Increasing your costumer retention rate.
  • Financial Services:
    Target market analytics for financial products. Growth strategies and portfolio management. Optimized investment practices. Providing business intelligence to shareholders, delivering the information in any format, at any the time.
  • Media/Entertainment:
    Content development planning and targeted advertisement based on viewership measurement and/or user engagement data.
  • eCommerce:
    Machine Learning algorithms for sales recommendation engines. Customer retention strategies. Online Fraud identification.
  • Data Engineering

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  • Data Mining

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  • Desktop Software

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  • Automation

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  • Custom Software

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Marketing Software

Why you need marketing automation software?

Marketing Strategy Updated: 2023-6-10

Do you find the marketing landscape in today’s technology-driven economy too difficult to maneuver? Do you have challenges in managing customer relationships, measuring the effectiveness of the deployed campaigns, managing sales teams, tracking website visitors, lead management, and generation of marketing report?

Worry no more! Technological advances have presented numerous opportunities for automation including automation solutions for the marketing function.

TengerData's marketing automation tools are designed to give you a suite of applications to make your work easier. This can greatly increase your productivity and income. In this article, we analyze a number of functionalities available in marketing software solutions and which can improve the productivity of marketers.

Adflow Software Interface


TengerData Sofware Solutions

Software application development

You envision it - we build it Updated: 2023-6-10

Email marketing:
Email marketing tools enable you to segment your clients into different categories. With these categories, you are able to focus on a particular target market and send them tailored email communications.

Sales team management:
In order to manage sales teams operating in different geographical areas, the marketing software provides functionalities for collaboration between teams in a project. This involves the use of a centralized repository where project data is stored and accessed by all the team members. In addition, the sales team is able to submit their regional returns electronically for faster reporting and decision-making.

Intuitive dashboards and analytics:
Marketing automation software comes with easy-to-use dashboards, graphics, and charts of important marketing metrics. This provides impactful at-a-glance analytics which helps to identify the channels and campaigns which deliver the most revenue and highest marketing ROI.

Marketing Automation

Website tracking tools:
These tools are able to give a complete visibility of the type of visitors who are visiting the website, their activities and the content they spent time on while visiting the website.

Lead management:
One of the modules in marketing software is lead management solutions. These solutions help you to attract buyers and grow your list. Our lead management automation solution will allow you to launch personalized campaigns so that by the time the sales team steps in, the customers are ready for conversion.

Mobile marketing:
Mobile marketing refers to the advertising activities targeting mobile devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, and other handheld appliances. Marketing automation tools weave mobile experiences into campaigns for deeper customer relationships by using SMS messaging, search engine marketing and display-based campaigns.

Social media marketing:
This refers to the process of using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract traffic or attention to your site/business. Marketing automation software easily integrates with social media sites to automatically post updates and also analyze the impact of such marketing initiatives.

Valuable integrations:
Marketing software provides integrations with other business software such as payroll and accounting software. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to transfer data between various systems in an organization.

Data Mining

Web Data Extraction - Business Intelligence

Automated public data extraction from the web

Information is the most valuable asset. Updated: 2023-6-10

Needless to say, the internet is the most powerful source of public information today. Collecting web data is imperative to the business decision making processes. Yet, it is impossible to manually extract all the web data your organization might need. We offer the technology to automate this process. Some data extraction projects could take months if performed manually. The same task will only take a few minutes using our spider technology. Our spider-based web data extraction technology is fast and accurate. If your organization needs data from the web, you will save time and money using our services. Our tools are scalable, our spider can crawl any number of websites. We understand the legalities, we know how to behave when crawling a website. We will not steal anyone's content, we will not do anything illegal. There are legal ways to crawl websites, search engines do it routinely every day.

Data Extraction Services:

  • Targeted Data: Targeted data extraction from web pages.
  • Multiple Websites: crawling multiple websites for updates.
  • Customization: building and deploying customized web spiders.
  • Scraping Files: extracting files from public web sites.
  • Keywords: keyword extracting for SEO purpose.
  • Import: importing extracted data into your website or database.
  • Real Time Scraping: we offer real time live web scraping from other websites i.e weather, sports scores, stock exchange info etc. and display on your website.
  • Compare Data: scraping website for price comparison.
  • Delivery Formats: deliver extracted website data in various format such as Microsoft Excel (.xls), XML, Microsoft Access (.mdb), CSV, JSON, txt, SQL, etc.

Custom Software

TengerData - Your dedicated technology partner

Agile software development Updated: 2023-6-10

Desktop & Web Applications

In order to enjoy the benefits of the above functionality, you need to work with a dedicated technology partner who can help you transform your innovative ideas into tailored software than can deliver your marketing vision. You need a cost-competitive software solution to deliver well-featured and scalable marketing automation solutions. And we are that partner.

Software Design

Why TengerData?

Smaller - Faster - Cheaper

We make things that do things! Updated: 2023-6-10

By partnering with us, you stand to gain the following benefits;

Novel out-of-the-box solutions:
Over the years, we have developed valuable experience in developing creative out-of-the-box solutions for our clients regardless of the complexity of their requirements.

Huge cost savings:
We offer the most competitive prices compared to other marketing solutions providers. Our competitive prices do not in any way compromise on the quality of our work.

Dedicated team:
Our development teams are deployed to a single project at a time. We work with your team to offer personalized services so that we can deliver the highest quality software.

We sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients to guarantee maximum confidentiality.

Data Analytics Services:

  • Statistical Methodologies On Demand: simple interactive environment for discovery and analysis of big data.
  • One size doesn't fit all: customized graphics for more accurate interpretation and visualization of the results.
  • Get reliable results: measuring and tracking performance, achieving better business results.
  • Multiple Facets: diverse set of skills and technologies to serve a variety of different enterprises and industries.
  • Predictive Analytics: using well-tested algorithms, so you can predict the future.

Development Tools

Software Development Tools

We like to use Python and many of Python's libraries for software development & software engineering.

  • Python
  • PyQt
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Scikit-learn
  • Keras
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New Products

New Recommendation System
Achieve higher conversion rates on your website, using our recommendation system. Our Deep Learning based Recommender will predict your user's responses to options.

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New Ad Campaign Optimization
Tracking Offline Advertisement Effectiveness
We all know how simple it is to track the effectiveness of online advertisement. It is simple because we can count the clicks. Analyzing which online ad caused a conversion is a fairly straight-forward process.

But, tracking offline advertisement campaigns is a major challenge. For example, analyzing the effectiveness of TV, Radio or Printed Media ad campaigns is a hard problem.

Tenger Data Technologies built a highly interpretable Machine Learning model to solve this problem. This model allows us to input the TV, Radio and Newspaper ad spending in a given market and predict the increase in sales.

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